Garden Design Services

Initial meeting:
An initial meeting will be arranged so that you can show me your garden and talk about your detailed requirements, likes and dislikes along with in depth discussions about how the garden is currently used, your aspirations and how much time you expect to spend maintaining the garden.

It is a good idea to think about some of the following ideas before the initial meeting

What do you want from your garden?

What about plants, would you like

How much you want to spend on implementing the design will also be discussed and whether you intend to phase the work, do it yourself or employ contractors. It should be noted, however, that this budget is used purely to assist in scoping the design work and there is no guarantee that the garden design can be implemented for this cost.
I will, however, advise in broad terms on the relative costs of alternative materials.

During this visit I will give a fixed quote for the design work and will discuss how long the design work will take.
If you still wish to proceed with the design at this point, I will review the brief with you and take detailed notes which will be emailed back to you, usually be within one week. This email confirms of the brief, for your approval by email or letter if you prefer.
I will usually survey the garden, taking a lot of photos and measurements on the first visit.

You provide:
When you receive the email detailing the brief, you will have the chance to amend it as long as this does not significantly alter the scope of the work. Once the brief has been agreed, a fixed payment of £100 for the initial consultation is payable by you, for which you will receive a receipt. This sum will be deducted from the total design fee. If you indicate that you do not wish to proceed, at any point before approval of the brief, there will be no charge.

Once this payment has cleared, the design work will begin and I will agree a timescale with you for the remaining design process.

At this point you will be asked to provide all available information about underground services in the areas being considered and any legal restrictions such as Easements or Public Rights of Way across the garden or if the garden lies within a Conservation Areas, the National Park or Green Belt.

Second site visit:
Sometimes a second visit is necessary to take further measurements and/or make checks during the design process.
This is not always necessary and is at no additional cost to you. You will be contacted in advance to arrange the visit.

Delivery of the design:
I will contact you before the agreed date to arrange a suitable time to bring the finished design work to you personally. I will present the design and explain any elements you are unsure about.
Final payment of the design fee will be due at this meeting.
All drawings and images will be digitally produced. The plans are produced on Autocad.

You will receive:

Within 2 weeks of the final payment being cleared:

When you are implementing the design:

Design Fee:
Design Fees generally range from £1,000 to £2,000. This varies with the size and complexity of the garden and the brief. A fixed fee will be agreed with you at the first meeting.

As a rule of thumb:

The following are not included in the design service:

Additional Levels Survey:
Usually I will carry out levels checks herself across the garden as part of the initial survey. Occasionally, however, where there are very complex level changes and/ or very steep slopes, I may advise that you obtain a separate levels survey prior to commencing the design work. There would be a separate fee for the surveyor for this work. You can either arrange for this work yourself or I can recommend a surveyor.
Any survey drawings should be provided digitally in ‘Autocad’ format.

Structural advice:
Again, very occasionally, I may advise you that additional structural advice may be required if there appear to be unstable structures in or adjacent to the garden, or if the brief requires significant structures as part of the design. This may be appropriate before, during or after the garden design work has been carried out. Again there would be a separate fee for the surveyor for this work. You would need to arrange for this work yourself, however I can recommend an Engineer. Any structural drawings should be provided digitally in ‘Autocad’ format.